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Trainzhungary: A new site in the train sim world

We are starting a brand new train simulator website, what it will be about, why we do that and what this website can do, you can read in the detailed news...

So what is this website about and why are we starting it? This is a new global, international Trainz Simulator website and it's about the add-ons too, so if you look for locos, etc, this will be a right place for you. Our Forum is diverse, but English language is used for communication. We have formed a new team, where we got texturers, modelers, website admins, moderators, content creators so we can make a new and great website with a friendly environment. Our goal is to provide you with some help if you get stuck, provide some free downloads what we make in our free time as a hobby, provide you with information on the Trainz simulators (from Trainz 2009 onwards).As a member of the website we will have strict and easy to follow site policies, which you can read on the Site Policy Section. We will also have a change log to see what changes we did on the website, sou can see what is new around. It is definitely worth to register although it will take some time for the website to have more people and contents, but patience will bring it's result. 

So registration is now open, you are free to register and hope you will have fun on the website. 

Thanks for looking and hope you will join.Best Regards,Trainzhungary Team 

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